Interactions between the Heart and Brain during Ischemic Processes

Despite constant scientific and medical progress, many patients still die or suffer from the consequences of myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke. Every year, in France, there are about 120,000 MI, and about 10% of the victims die in the following hour. There are also about 150,000 strokes, 25% of which are fatal, and 50% result in an major irreversible handicap.  
These two diseases present common risk factors and similar etiological mechanisms. A major strength of our group it that it brings together the expertise of neurologists and cardiologists and researchers in transversal research, which is both clinical and fundamental.
The aim of our research team is to better understand, in humans thanks to experimental models, the links between cerebral and ischemic cardio-vascular diseases.

illus pres